Be prepared for adventure

Traverse the range

The Achievement Pathways are the way in which Scouting recognises the personal progression of Scouts, and they include a range of different elements. At their heart are the Program Essentials, the Milestones of which all Scouts are expected to achieve, regardless of their interest in exploring other elements.

Achievement Pathways | © Scouts Australia

The Achievement Pathways fit within the One Program, One Journey model of Scouting. Their framework features a continuous series of personal achievements across the whole program, from the beginning of the Joey Scouts age section through to the end of the Rover Scouts age section.

Imagine the Achievement Pathways as a journey across a mountain range, with each section of the program exploring a new and more challenging section of the range. Many Scouts will find exploring the bases of each mountain fulfils their needs. Other Scouts will seek different challenges and climb further up each mountain. And some Scouts will ascend each mountain summit and attain the peak awards.

Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections involve taking time to look back on the past and analyse Scouting goals, achievements, development and learning. Typically, they are the last step towards attaining a peak award.

Peak Awards

The peak award is the pinnacle of the Achievement Pathways in each age section and includes elements of all the other components. Peak awards exist to challenge those Scouts who wish to reach the mountain peak and be recognised for their Scouting achievements.

Additional Achievements

Aside from the main aspects of the Achievement Pathways, which include the Program Essentials, Outdoor Adventure Skills, Special Interest Skills and peak awards, there are some other achievements that Scouts may choose to explore during their Scouting journey.