Be prepared for adventure

Build the base

The Program Essentials – Introduction to Scouting, Introduction to Section and Milestones – lie at the foot of each mountain. The Milestones are base camps, which themselves involve active participation in a diverse program, with plenty of personal progression and leadership development along the way.

Introduction to Scouting

The Introduction to Scouting is the first element of the Achievement Pathways, and Scouts undertake it at the start of their journey in the movement, irrespective of which age section they join initially.

Introduction to Section

The Introduction to Section is the first component of the Achievement Pathways completed in each age section, with the content designed to educate Scouts with the basics regarding their new Unit.


The Program Essentials are divided into a series of Milestones, which are significant achievements within each age section. Each Milestone should take six to 12 months (except for those in the Rover Scouts age section) and recognises active participation in the program and personal progression during that time.