Scouts work in Patrol groups to explore the great unknown with a focus on:

  • Trying new things
  • Working as a team
  • Building a sense of belonging
  • Exploring, growing and diverse interests
  • Establishing stable, longer term leadership roles
  • Expanding communities
  • Finding new ways for self expression

As Scouts, youth members follow the Plan>Do>Review model to independently manage their activities within their Patrol groups, taking more responsibility for themselves and others and pushing out of established comfort zones.
In Scouts, the balance of leadership shifts from adults to you, as Scouts take charge over their direction. With support, Scouts challenge themselves in new ways and through new interests, experiencing achievement, making mistakes and overcoming the challenges of both.

Creativity is a focus, helping Scouts to find new ways to solve problems as a Patrol, while expressing their evolving characteristics. Through this process, Scouts learn about their individual priorities and channel energy into their passions and interests.

Young people involved in Scouts build confidence and learn how to make decisions and work as part of a team.Scouts get together at weekly Scout Patrol meetings for about two hours, plus doing lots of weekend activities. They receive expert instruction in a wide variety of outdoor skills, together with the all-important basic theories needed to help deal with life’s emergencies.

Every three years, Scouts have the opportunity to attend a National Jamboree where they join 10,000 other youth members from around Australia and across the world for a 10 day camp.