Waylen Bay Sea Scouts Care for the Environment. Come to our hall, located at the base of Heathcote Reserve and on the Waylen Bay foreshore and see the number of environmentally sustainable projects the Scouts are currently participating in as part of their Service to the Community.

In cooperation with the local Melville Council  and Swan River Trust the Scouts are revegetating the surrounding embankment and foreshore with local flora species to return the site to its natural habitat and encourage the return of native fauna.

In conjunction with the Australian Earthwatch Institute we have developed and registered a ClimateWatch Trail for the area to monitor climate change and its impact on our local Flora and Fauna. You can walk our ClimateWatch Trail and record information on identified flora and fauna species, which provides Environmental Scientists  with valuable information to aid environmental research. For further information on this project and to download information and recording sheets please visit www.climatewatch.org.au select Trails, Find a Trail and Waylen Bay/Heathcote Reserve.

For those of you up for an adventurous challenge we have also developed a Geocache Trail to compliment theClimateWatch Trail. Details of the Geocache Trail can be located at https://docs.google.com/document/d/179UzJPFOEO5A0_l0-j8xEGju5EaHSZtU8tUO6P-XdoU/edit. The Geocache Trail can be done as a stand alone activity or complimented by completing the ClimateWatch Trailrecording sheets found at www.climatewatch.org.au.