In Australia over 40,000 young people are engaged in the program annually, supported by a network of over 65,000 adult Volunteers. The Award is run in cities, rural and remote areas, through government and non-government schools, universities and a wide range of organisations such as Indigenous communities, new refugee support programs, sports clubs, employers, prisons and youth detention centres and community organisations such as Surf Life Saving, disability groups and other youth programs.
The criterion for gaining an Award is individual improvement through persistence and achievement, taking into account the Participant’s initial capabilities, and without any element of competition between Participants.
The Duke of Edinburgh’s vision is that all young people in Australia are empowered to explore their potential and achieve success through access and participation in the Award.
You can continue with activities you’re already taking part in, such as sports or volunteering, and count these towards achieving your Award, or your Award could be an opportunity to try something new and develop a passion for something different. The Bronze Award is the first step to getting involved in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and you can then continue your Award by getting involved at Silver and then Gold levels.

The purpose of the Duke of Edinburgh award is to:

  • Design your own Award program
  • Set your own goals and record your progress
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of others through community service
  • Learn valuable practical and social skills for career development
  • Take up the challenge of an adventurous journey
  • Connect with other Award participants at home and abroad

Award Levels